How does Real-Time RT-PCR Work?

How does Real-Time RT-PCR Work? Sample Collection: To start the diagnostic test, a trained healthcare worker will use a swab to collect nasopharyngeal specimens from the patient’snasopharynx. The sample is then placed into a sterile tube containing viral transport media to keep the virus viable Sample Preparation: Once the specimens arrive at the laboratory, researchers […]

Difference between RT-PCR, Antibody & Rapid Antigen test

While the RT-PCR test detects the viral RNA, antibody & rapid antigen tests detect antibodies & viral proteins respectively. Know how the three tests differ from each other and solve different purposes. RT-PCR RT-PCR test – Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction, commonly known as RT-PCR test, is the most preferred test for detecting COVID-19. RT-PCR test […]

What is a RT-PCR test?

The world is ridden with the Coronavirus Pandemic and even though travel restrictions are not as strict as they were during the initial stages of the pandemic, RT-PCR testing is still crucial for anyone planning to travel at this time.  Real-Time RT PCR is a highly sensitive method of testing for different viruses, including the […]