We strive each and every day to make each patient experience positive.

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Mr. Yao Gui Sae-Ma, a 53-year old tour guide. He experienced syncope and lost consciousness
His life was saved by the medical team at Vibhavadi Hospital, their close care allowed him to see his family again…
Truly feeling like he had another chance at life.

Mr. Yao Gui Sae-Ma

tour guide

He received a coronary bypass surgery by Dr. Cheerasak Arunthari and Dr. Semchai Boonpoh, cardiologists at Vibhavadi Hospital.

” I was first and foremost impressed with how quick the hospital provided medical help. The doctors and nurses at the ER were quick to react. They treated me right away. Warm and composed demeanor really helped ease my mind. ”

Kitimas Suksawat


We Care

Your Health is OUR PRIORITY

At Vibhavidi Hospital patient experience and happiness is just important as wellness, treatment, and recovery.

We strive each and every day to make each patient experience positive.

If you’re experiencing symptoms, do not hesitate to talk with our staff. Consult our professional doctors.

The facilities are well equipped and the services are well thought out.

Moreover, the doctor is experienced, and the nurses are considerate from the early stages to when I deliver the baby.

I don’t regret this choice, and I thank the doctor and Vibha Hospital for taking such great care of our family.



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